Firefox optimized for MacBook

I'm a Firefox user through and through. It's much safer and more reliable than Internet Explorer and, being open source, I trust it more than closed source IE. What I didn't know until last week is that there exists a version of Firefox that is optimized for a MacBook.

BonEcho is the same reliable Firefox, but its code was tweaked a bit and recompiled to take advantage of MacBook's superfast hardware. How it's done requires a bit of technical explanation, but the end result is a faster Firefox for Mac OSX. I've been testing BonEcho for a week now and so far, I'm statisfied with its performance. It has a smaller memory footprint than Firefox (but only by an iota, so don't expect too much). But it does load and run faster.

Try it out by clicking the link below and tell me if you agree.

Download BonEcho: BonEcho Optimized Firefox 2.0 for MacBook.

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