How to make a smooth transition to the Mac


I used to think switching to a Mac would be like pulling your own teeth. I was a power Windows user for 20+ years before I made the switch to a Mac, so you understand my misgivings.

It turns out it making the switch was easier than I feared. If there's one thing Apple is good at doing, it's making things easier for users.

Here are three important websites containing guidance from none other than Apple, to help you switch smoothly from Windows to a Mac.

Switch 101: Migrating to Mac

This web page that contains handy tips to help you make the move: how to move your files from your PC, how to connect devices including printers, and get introduced to basic Mac software you will most likely be using immediately. Go to the Switch 101 page. 

Mac 101: Getting Started with the Mac

This one is a more basic introduction, for those whose first computer is a Mac. I would still recommend this to those switching from Windows, because it contains among others, a "grand tour of the Mac interface". Go to Mac 101 page.

Mac Essentials

Read this one to get a jumpstart of the most important things you need to know about the Mac -- a bit about the interface, a smattering of how to click, copy, paste, etc. Go to Mac Essentials page.

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