iPhoto: the little things

Last night I discovered iPhoto and was very happy with what it could do. In a nutshell, iPhoto is like Picasa but with extras.

After importing my JPEGs, iPhoto instantly sorted the photos according to year. I was also able to create virtual albums, so I sorted out my Travel photos, for instance. But the best thing about iPhoto was its built-in templates.

iPhoto it turns out allows me to choose a bunch of photos (or an album of them). Then I could select a template for postcards or photo albums. iPhoto automagically formats them. I just need to add captions now and then print them.

What makes me especially grateful for this discovery is that last weekend, my wife and I found a shop at Megamall Cyberzone that prints out iPhoto albums into acid-free paper. They would even bind the photos. We've been scouting for a low cost way to print our wedding and travel photos and I think we found the answer. Traditional photo services would probably cost us around 30 to 50 thousand pesos for a good photo album. The printing services at Megamall cost less than 2,000 pesos for about 60 photos. Not bad.

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