Upgrades: 2 Gb memory and the mini-DVI to VGA converter

I just upgraded memory from 512 Mb to 2 Gb at the cost of about $170+.

After hurdling a couple of obstacles, I was able to install the new memory that my friend Mel kindly bought for me from the US. Apple recommends installing 2 pairs of memory to maximize speed. So that's what I did -- I got 2 x 1 Gb memory sticks. (Now I need to sell my extra 2 x 256 Mb sticks).

If you plan to upgrade your memory, heed the following important precautions:

  1. Make sure it's SO-DIMM (these are the smaller DIMM memory boards).

  2. The speed should be 667, since this is what the Apple documentation specifies. Anything less may not work properly.

  3. Read the Mac manual carefully on how to install the memory (so I won't mention the other precautionary stuff they already covered there).

  4. Get a good Philips screwdriver -- Apple did not specify the gauge, but you need to remove three very small screws that are tightly driven in. My made-in-China screwdrivers got twisted and I had to buy a better set of screwdrivers. Use the ones with short length and a good rubber grip -- you'll need the grip!

  5. Two ways to check if your system found the new memory:
  • Activity Monitor (in Applications > Utilities). Click the Memory tab and 2 Gb should show up.
  • System Profiles (same location as above). First page should show 2 Gb. You may also click the Memory list in the tree below.
I'm now testing the new memory. Some stuff loaded noticeably faster. Some were not too noticeable. Typing text in Firefox (like updating this blog or writing text in Gmail) became blindingly fast! Running several apps at the same time also feels "lighter" now.

Cost of the additional memory (including taxes): approximately $170.
Cost of the mini-DVI to VGA adapter: $20

Additional note: test the mini-DVI to VGA adapter soon!

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