GarageBand to the rescue!

My wife is producing a new show on a revived TV station (Channel 5 on SkyCable and Channel 33 on UHF) and at the last minute, they found out that they still did not have music. What to do?

It occurred to us that the MacBook has a tool for making music, called GarageBand, which we discovered a couple of days after I got the Mac. GarageBand allows you to create music by mixing original compositions with pre-recorded material (loops and samples).

Luckily, GarageBand had special effects and nice, complete songs perfect for setting up the mood of the show. We checked the license and smiled at what we found. It's okay to use the built-in music and effects from GarageBand for video productions. What GarageBand forbids is to put the effects and music on CDs and redistribute them as such.

So we used GarageBand for the show's music. When we the show aired, the quality was good!

In Windows, I had opportunity to use Cakewalk and Reason for creating music -- but these had to be bought, while GarageBand came free with the MacBook! Plus: GarageBand has an editing mode that lets you load a video or movie upon which you can then put the GarageBand music!

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