iDVD: simple, sweet

A couple of weeks back, I needed a way to pack some old videos into a DVD platter. For a couple of times, I had been burning them directly, which was a bummer if I needed to play them in old video players that couldn't read DivX.

To my delight, I remembered to check out iDVD, which had been sitting around on the Dock for a couple of months, unattended.

iDVD turned out to be the tool that I needed. It took less than 10 minutes to figure out how to work it. What's clever about iDVD is that it starts by presenting you with a blank DVD menu, with visual cues prompting you to drag stuff here and there.

So I dragged a video into the main screen and true enough, iDVD automatically grabbed the title of the video and displayed it as one line on the menu. I dragged another video and that ended up as line 2 of the menu. After some tinkering, I had a professional-looking DVD. Neat!

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