Recommended for Newbies: PhilMUG

Apple is known for fostering a community of Mac users (and need I say, fanatics) who help each other out. Being a geek, I felt mostly self-sufficient when I shifted to a Macbook from Windows. However, after some surfing and plodding along, I finally decided to join the Philippine Mac Users Group forum: http://philmug.ph.

What drove me to join was economics. I needed to buy good, secondhand accessories for my Macbook. After searching around in tipidpc.com (it's mostly non-Mac), I finally decided to check out a more Mac-oriented site and visited PhilMUG.

What I like about PhilMUG is not just the trove of Mac devices, but the bits of knowledge you won't normally find anywhere else. For instance, I can get the Pinoy perspective on where to find the best Mac bargains and can even find help in hooking up with individual vendors who are disposing of their second-hand stuff. If you're starting off or just looking for Mac bargains, visit PhilMUG!

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