Our Wireless Home

Or sorta (our desktop PC still has lots of wires connected to it). A couple of days ago, I finally had time to setup our very first router -- and a broadband, WiFi router to boot! I've been dilly-dallying and waiting and surfing the web on the best and cheapest routers, until I stumbled upon the Airport Express router.

Being made by Apple, it isn't cheap. But, being made by Apple, it's got features and simplicity that only an Apple product can give:
  • Printer server: it's got a USB port where you can plug in your printer and share it in the network!
  • Wireless sound streaming: plug in a speaker set and you can play music wirelessly via iTunes!
  • Neat case: a very small box that looks a lot like the charger of a Macbook, but slightly larger.
  • Best of all: it was totally easy to set up. It practically installed itself, after I plugged in the broadband wire. The only thing that slowed me down was that I needed to connect Data's wifi (her Windows XP laptop has old WEP capability, which limited our password options to five ASCII characters -- hope your nose didn't bleed on all that mumbo).

Having a wireless home is cool! ;-)

PS. I saw a review of a new non-Apple router that allows USB-printer sharing too, plus sharing of external USB drives! I heard that Apple's new BaseStation may have this ability too. Nice!

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