An argument for Leopard, from a Windows fan :)

This review is by Chris Pirillo, formerly from Tech TV. He raves about Leopard as opposed to Windows Vista. (Pre-order Leopard here)

Btw, most of the features he raves about are already in Tiger, actually. But this gets me excited about upgrading to Leopard -- a feeling I never had when I was a Windows user! (I dreaded every new Windows upgrade, actually, knowing it would only strain my computer more).

On Time Machine
Time Machine is backup the way data backup and restoration should be - to a home network, with the right equipment attached. It’s beyond comparison. You shouldn’t need to hire a geek or network admin to get it to work, it’s not buried, and you don’t need to install any third-party software (arguments which throw out any kind of “Windows can do the same thing” argument). In this case, it’s not the actual feature - it’s the finish that’s ultimately important.

On Spotlight
Spotlight indexes and searches, with a fair amount of elegance and invisibility, across open machines connected on the network. Windows Desktop Search, last I tried, makes local searching (alone) a pain in the ass. Moreover, I find Spotlight to be a better implementation of Vista’s Start menu - but that may be a personal preference.

On a little Dictionary addition
To my surprise, the Dictionary now has a direct gateway to Wikipedia. While I don’t find Wikipedia to be the ultimate source for information, I do value its community-driven structure. With true identity tied into page edits, it could quickly become the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Contrast this to… well, I guess Windows Vista doesn’t have a built-in equivalent to crowdsourced information. I just thought that was an amazing “little touch” that would come in handy at some point (especially after seeing that if Spotlight doesn’t have results for a keyword search, it’ll spit back a dictionary definition if available for the term)

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