Mac is easier to upgrade than Windows

My recent upgrade to a 250 gb hard disk showed another great difference between Mac and Windows. Once again, the Mac beat Windows in the ease of transferring data to the new home.

In my more than 23 years of using Windows, each upgrade (whether getting a new computer or just upgrading the disk) was a dreadful, tiresome affair. To give one example, I had to do lots of workarounds just to find my browser bookmarks and transfer them to the new computer or disk. It's the same problem with most of the other applications in Windows (notably how to backup Outlook email and move them to the new system or disk).

So I was naturally paranoid and had to read up a lot on how to do it with Mac. I found out that all I had to do was login with administrator privileges and copy the directories under the /User folder.

Then move these folders back into the new system. Simple and painless! All my bookmarks, email and other settings were preserved when I logged back in!

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