MacSwitched Podcast 1

This is the first MacSwitched Podcast, hosted by Data and BenC.

The MacSwitched Podcast is for users who just switched to the Mac or those planning to switch. We also put useful tips for those who have been using the Mac for some time now.

This first episode talks about the perceived cost of switching to a Mac and why most of this is an "illusion". BenC and Data discuss several cost factors that, when you look at it from the big picture, actually make the Mac a better investment than PCs and Windows: the real productivity boost you get with Macs, the bundled software, superior hardware, the high resale value and the fact that it just works and makes life easier for us.

MacSwitched Podcast 1: MP3 Version. This is the pure audio version, for all other media players.

Download MacSwitched Episode 1 - Enhanced Version: contains chapters and clickable links. For iPod Touch, iPhones and iTunes.

If you have comments, amplifications and suggestions, please post them here (macswitched.blogspot.com).


March 4, 2008
  • MacSwitched Podcast submitted to iTunes for approval (fingers crossed).
  • Famous TV and movie personality will be next MacSwitched guest. (Details later).
  • MacSwitched downloads go over 130 (clap-clap!).


  1. BenC, congrats to you and Data on the inaugural episode of the podcast. I like the pacing of the show and everything is went quite well. I could not find any big faults at the moment, I was listening to it at the airport on my way back to Manila :-)

    I think I heard something about OS X not getting viruses or malware at all. While we do enjoy that, OS X is not bulletproof, so probably reword that to something like "the incidence of viruses and malware is very low"

    Congrats again :-)

  2. Wow, complete with theme music. Congrats!

    The spyware thing would probably rear its ugly head if the Mac became more popular and attract the attention of those with malicious intent. Though if that happens, Apple would probably handle the situation a lot better than them Redmond people. :)

    Just to nitpick, is this a monthly gig? If it is, then some segments should be renamed from "of the Day" to "of the Month". :P

  3. Thanks sa mga comments so far! Keep sending!

    Some comments emailed or left by friends via IM:

    1. volume levels are inconsistent - yep, sorry for this. we had to record under different conditions and this altered the volume. Data's voice also sounds off mic. we will be correcting this in future podcasts.

    2. Jerome's and Benj's comment on viruses and spyware. acknowledging this. we'll try to amplify and explain this in upcoming episodes. we had time constraints on this.

    3. We'll gladly insert announcements you have (whether mac-related, tech-related or anything else) -- at NO COST. Just send us a message here.

  4. This was mailed to us by Teddy and is being reposted here with his permission:

    Cool work BenC and Data! Congrats! You and Data have a great "he said-she said" thing going on. The intro/end music and the shortcut of
    the day are nice touches too. So are you guys in a monogamous relationship with your macs or are you bi? ;) Listening to my own recorded voice makes me cringe. How was it for you? So how many
    podcasts on this topic are you doing?

    You make very good points BenC and its great to hear your perspective as a tech geek & pc user of more than 2 decades. Miki and I have always been tempted to get a mac ever since OS X got released but have been holding out till we actually need to buy a new computer - probably when our trusty thinkpad kicks the bucket.

    IMHO, additional factors that are contributing to the "demise" of the PC is the horrible user feedback Vista is getting and the way console gaming is becoming more dominant. The only 2 things I think holding the windows dominance of the market is the inertia of the pre-existing windows market and ,weather or not MS wants to admit it, the
    availability of pirated PC software.

    I dont look forward to the day though when apple dominates the computer market as I dont agree, on a personal level, with the amount of control Apple has over the both the software and hardware side of things. Just see how much trouble MS is going through for bundling IE and MSN messenger in windows, here we have Apple that bundles iWork,
    Safari, iChat and controls the hardware too.

    Congrats again guys. Great work!


  5. More heartening comments from the Philmug.ph forum:

    Should MacSwitched be in Taglish or straight English? Join the debate :) Post your thoughts here or in the Philmug.ph thread.

  6. After months of mulling it over, I finally look the leap and switched. It's been a little under 24 hours but boy, am I loving it!
    I actually bought the Mac as a complement to my desktop PC, since I need to be connected even when I'm on the move, and a PDA or Smartphone wasn't good enough for the document editing I do. My old Acer was way too clunky, and new laptops only come with Vista - there is no way in hell I'm switching to it.

    And so far? As BenC and Data put it, the darn thing just works! Took it out of the box, turned it on, it set everything up in less than 10 minutes, and worked like a charm.
    I'm still in "it can't be THIS easy" mode, especially when I think of everything I had to tweak to get my PC to work more or less the way I wanted it to! (6 months later and I'm not totally satisfied.)

  7. Thanks pendrift.

    We'll be reading excerpts of your comments in upcoming episodes :)

  8. Hi BenC,

    It's an informative and encouraging podcast. You should be paid by Apple for this one.

    The thing is, the seamless transition between English and Pilipino will confuse foreign listeners and may not be able to follow.

    Congratulations to both of you, your partnership in this podcast is full of positive chemistry and balanced exchange.

    As soon as I get over my slump, I'm definitely getting a Macbook! :-)--Durano, done!


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