Podcasting thru GarageBand (Now Testing)

In preparation for the upcoming podcasts, I'm now playing around with GarageBand. I'm checking out the loops, songs and stingers that are available to GarageBand, looking for upbeat music to use as theme. Will also be checking out the different vocal effects we can use to create impressive results. So far the best introductory link to the topic of podcasting is: http://www.how-to-podcast-tutorial.com/.

  • Get a good mic.

  • Discover best volume settings for podcasting.

  • Find theme music.

  • Test voice effects for Podcast ID.

  • Write cue cards/topic outline.

  • Do a test podcast.

  • Find a free host and upload.

  • Publish in Blogger.

  • Announce podcast!

Stay tuned!

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