How to "Turn Off" Autospell in iPod/iPhone

Scenario: You're using iPod Touch or iPhone to type non-English messages, OR you like using SMS shortcuts (like "wer r u?") and you find the Autospell feature annoying. 

Right now, there is no way to turn off Autospell, but there's a workaround.

Workaround: Use an International Keyboard.

Go to iPod/iPhone Settings > Keyboard > International Keyboards and turn on one of the other non-English keyboards (mine is set on Spanish).  Then, when you use the virtual keyboard, you can switch to the Spanish keyboard, which will pretty much let you type whatever you wish to type. To switch to the Spanish keyboard, press the globe icon near 123 and the dot "." key.


  1. u actually can...ur right bout the keyboard setting but above it is an on n off switch for auto correction and capitalization

  2. Thanks for the update.

    This tip was for the first few versions of the iPhone OS, when there was no way to quickly turn off Autospell :)

  3. I use the auto correction for both English and Swedish and it works well for both languages (to switch I simply hit the "globe" symbol between "123" and the "space" button).

    However, I wonder if there's any way to improve the accuracy?

    ..or better yet to delete certain words from the memory?

    Sometimes the suggested word doesn't make any sense at all in any language.

    For example sometimes as I begin typing "th" it'll suggest " tgat' " What the heck is that??? Only does it every now and then though?

    I get busy typing away and the damn tgat' keeps popping up. By the way, it does it in the English mode.

    The keyboard is small and sometimes I'll hit a letter twice by mistake. Let's say I write "thiss" with two "s" by mistake - the suggested term becomes "thissubrepublic" all in one word? What the heck???

    Same mistake with "thatt" - and "thattheere" becomes the suggested word - huh?
    Any suggestions?


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