Pastebud: Simple Copy-Paste Solution for iPhone/iPod Touch

Found this while surfing for the latest updates on the iPod Touch.

"pastebud enables round-trip copy and paste on your iPhone or iPod Touch, between the two applications that matter the most: Mail and Safari. And through a clever combination of web services and bookmarklets, it does it without requiring a jailbreak or App Store download."

No jailbreak, no app download. pastebud has its limitations, but it serves simple copy-paste needs. When oh when will Apple give us true inter-app copy-pasting?

For instructions on how to use it, visit pastebud.com.


  1. Here's a better iPhone copy and paste implementation!

  2. yeah, i don't think that was his point.

    this is for people who want copy/paste functionality without the need to jailbreak their iPhones/iPod Touches.


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