Using Vista on Bootcamp: Right-Click Problems

I needed to run Windows because I'm now developing in C# on the ASP.NET platform with IIS web server (excuses, excuses). I tried Mono, but it's not yet fully compatible. So this got me to trying out Vista on a Macbook. It's worked quite well so far on VMWare and Macbook Pro. But running Visual Studio got to be a drag (bearable, but slow sometimes).

I decided to dust off an old Blackbook and try running Vista on Bootcamp. This would allow Windows to maximize the Macbook's resources. In Snow Leopard, I went to Utilities and ran BootCamp Assistant.    Before I digress any further, just follow this link to get the rest of the instructions.

The first time I installed Vista on BootCamp, I couldn't get right-click to work. The instructions told me to feed the Snow Leopard installer on my DVD drive and then run setup.exe -- this worked all right, it installed the right drivers so Vista could work with the Macbook hardware (including the keyboard, bluetooth, wireless adapter and audio). However, I still could not get right-click to work. On the Mac, this is usually a two-finger tap. 

After searching with no successful results, I hit upon my own solution:
  • Go to the BootCamp setup. You can do this two ways. First option: Click the BootCamp icon on your System Tray (lower right corner of the screen, in your Task Bar. It looks like a grey diamond), then click BootCamp Control Panel. Second option: Go to Control Panel and click the BootCamp icon.
  • The BootCamp Control Panel shows up. You'll find different tabs to set up different hardware on the Macbook. Click Trackpad and check Secondary Tap under "Two Fingers".
That's it. Vista will instantly understand the new configuration and you can try using the two-finger right-click right away.

Btw, make sure you the "Tap to Click" box is checked.


What's the difference between VMWre and BootCamp? VMWare is a virtualization engine. So 

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