iMovie - idiot-friendly but near-professional output

I use my Macbook to take notes in a class that I'm auditing. I use Freemind and OmniOutliner to take notes. But that's not the story for today.

As I started to drift off from a bad student presentation, I entertained myself by doing the usual Macbook explorations. And that is how I finally discovered iMovie.

iMovie continues the tradition of the other Macbook bundled software: simple, idiot-friendly interface but highly impressive results. iMovie allowed me to shoot videos from the built-in iSight. I shot a couple of test videos and fooled around with the effects.

I found good transitions and video effects -- enough in fact to be able to edit an impressive independent film or music video. It even had audio effects (which I didn't try for fear of disturbing the class, hehe). My favorite video effects were the dizzying, disorienting ones -- perfect for making a budget horror short. I was even able to use a special effect that had lightning bursting out of my fingertips!

So I'm calling on musicians who would like to produce budget videos -- email me and I can give you a really good music video on a budget!

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