Converting People to Mac

I've been proselytizing about the goodness of Macs and sometimes I trade the occasional Mac versus Windows discussions. In our office, where computers are Linux-based, we joke about Linux versus Mac OS, which is funny considering they are relatives (in case you didn't know, OS X is based on BSD unix).

As of last count, I've converted 4 people: my wife (who is saving up to get a Pro), Pete, Christine and recently Ruth. A couple more are thinking about making the switch. Our friend Nikko was an indirect convert since their office gave her a white MacBook, and now I help her when she has Mac specific questions. They are all happy about the switch, citing ease of use and a much simplified computing life.

Pete is still struggling with his Macbook and I'm helping him cope. He's still stuck with his old Windows laptop but is trying to make a full switch. Christine has some applications that she has not yet fully transferred to the Mac, so she is still dependent on Windows. Ruth was worried about not being able to use her Windows-based statistical tools, but she simply took a deep breath and made the plunge, reassured with the thought that she could always use BootCamp to run Windows if needed.

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