Lego and Mac OSX

My current project is to make my Lego Mindstorms USB tower work with Mac OSX. I've been having trouble with it since my switch from Windows to MacBook. Previous googling efforts turned up sketchy reports.

But today I did another search and found these websites. Hopefully they will be more fruitful.

(One hour later...)

The main trouble is that I couldn't find a Mac OSX driver for my USB Tower. I'm currently using OS 10.4. I saw a website devoted to making Mac and Mindstorms meet, which in turn pointed to the LeJOS site as a source of a working driver for OSX. Here
are the links. I will now download them and pray they work. Abangan!

A helpful page about installing the IR Tower in OSX, with links to the needed files.

Peteg's Blog

Lego Mindstorms and the Mac

LeJOS (source of Mac OS X tower driver)

Finally succeeded in communicating with the IR Tower. It turns out that Mac OSX needs no installation at all. The problem was loose wiring on the IR Tower. Once I tightened the contact a bit, the tower worked fine! I've since tested the communication between the Tower and the RCX via MacNQC and it's working fine. Now to learn NQC (Not Quite C)!

I have also downloaded and installed the Mac version of LDraw! Simply put, LDraw is a toolbox that contains virtual Lego bricks. It allows you to create virtual Lego models. I also needed another App called Bricksmith to actually manipulate the Lego parts. The basics are introduced here.

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  1. thanks for the article!
    I have the same problem. I got Mac OS X 10.9.4 and want to connect a Lego Tower (Serial with USB converter) to my Mac.

    Did I get you right, you said the tower does not need any drivers to be installed manually? Just plug and play?


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