Blogging via iPod Touch

Trying out the iPod Touch and posting this thru it. Here's a quick review of this fantastic gadget. There! I'm getting ahead already :)

The iPod Touch, or iTouch for short, sports the same interface as the iPhone. It's got two-finger touch interface. This means I can place two fingers on a photo for instance, slide my fingers apart, and zoom the photo. What's great about it is that it does this quickly and smoothly.

It's got a wide screen too, with sharp images. The touch screen responds fast. At first, the keyboard took a bit of getting used to, but there's a trick to it. First, I typed via my right forefinger. Then as I got the hang of it, I started doing it with two forefinger. Reminds me of the days when I used the tuldok system, aka hunt-and-peck.

I like the Wifi and Safari browser. Unlike any other phone or mobile gadget, the iPod Touch is actually better in terms of web browsing. Point in fact: I'm composing and posting this via the iPod.

I am saying these in comparison with old gadgets I used, which include a palm pilot, a newton and a P910i which I still use (and which I am now seriously thinking of replacing with an iPhone :))

Another thing good about this gadget is the wealth of free stuff I am finding at iTunes podcasts. My current faves are CoffeeBreak French and Spanish -- which are free language lessons -- Laporte's MacBreaks, BBC content, and free stuff from Stanford, MIT, and other schools. ( this brings a glimpse of the future, where TV, radio, movies and books will mostly be disseminated via podcasts.

Wishlist. Right now, I'd like the ability to write notes and use the same apps as in iPhone. Mail, Notes, a writeable calendar and games. I know I can crack it now to install these apps, but I have little time to do the tinkering.

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