iWork 08: Numbers Rocks!

Installed the spanking new iWork 08 this morning and now had some time to play around with Numbers. It's really really cool! It trounces Excel on all counts. Numbers is easy to use, out of the box.

So far, I like:
  • Its ease of use. Check out hot tips: http://www.apple.com/support/numbers/hottips/
  • Out of the box, you can use built-in templates that let you create financial statements, budgets etc in a few minutes -- no kidding!
  • When you highlight a column of numbers, you instantly get sums, averages etc on a preview pane. Then just drag the formula you want into the appropriate cell.
  • You can add sliders and steppers on any cell. They are like rheostats -- uhm, dials that allow you to increase a cell value up or down, automatically adjusting all other calculations. Nifty, tactile and visual!
Before Numbers, I was actually quite impressed with what the new Office 2007 could do. But Apple just simplified things in Numbers, in a way that Microsoft always fails to do! I'm really happy I bought iWork '08!


  1. Trounces Excel on all counts? Have you used Excel much?

    Numbers is decent for what it is and what it costs.. but it's no Excel.

  2. Hi, of course it's no Excel. My review was based on ease of use and by all counts, I meant, if you get the features of Numbers and compare them to the equivalent features in Excel, Numbers wins!

    And yes, I use Excel -- in fact, I do VBA in Excel-- something which Numbers can't do.

    Have you used Numbers? :)


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