iPod Touch OS upgrades to 1.1.2

The OS upgrade to iPod Touch arrived last night and kept me up while I waited for it to install. These are the new features I've discovered so far:
  • I can now add Calendar entries in iPod Touch, and these sync with my Macbook's Calendar.
  • In iTunes, a battery icon now shows up beside my iPod, indicating if the battery is still charging.
  • Album covers now appear beside the song titles in the Song display mode (I'm not sure if this was available previously).
  • The smaller display fonts now work (I tried setting the display to show up more words, but somehow this didn't work previously).

  • Backup! My iPod now gets backed up in my Macbook, the way the iPhone gets backed up too (it shows up under Preferences > Syncing).

  • When typing URLs, the dot is conveniently available on the keyboard. I just home they also make it available in text boxes in general,and not just by pressing spacebar twice.

The text used to say "The following iPhones are backed up on this computer:" but they have inserted "iPods" too! (see picture).

Things I'm waiting for:
  • The Mail app
  • Notes app
  • Flash viewer for Safari
  • Document viewer

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