Why a Macbook is cheaper than PCs

Here's another meme about Macs vs PCs that I think no longer holds true. People keep thinking (and I used to subscribe to it) that a Macbook is more expensive than a non-Apple computer.

When I try to convince hardcore PC fans (which I used to be) to switch, they always say, "Mas mura pa rin ang PC (PC is still cheaper)."

Since I switched, I've realized that a Macbook is a self-contained package where most of the applications you need are already there -- and working the way you want them to work too!

Mac OS comes bundled with good productivity tools: easy to use and robust Calendar, Mail, audio-visual tools and even Sticky Notes. Windows will have a disabled or hobbled versions of these and you have to buy MS Office to get Outlook for better calendaring and email.

If you get a PC or laptop cheaper than a Macbook, chances are you get a lousy monitor, or a heavier laptop, shortchanged monitor, or a slower computer (especially if you'll be using Windoze!). This is not to mention all the headaches and time-consuming quirks that Windows is heir to -- frequent crashes, difficult installation, configuration. Even the process of uninstalling Windows applications can present a headache.

Here is another take on why Macs end up cheaper than PCs, by a columnist from Salon. His main argument goes something like, when you decide to upgrade your computer, you will surely have to resell it. The Mac resale value is higher so if you resell it, you recover more money to buy a better Mac.

On the other hand, a PC loses value more quickly and if you resell it, you'll have a lower recovery rate. Nice argument.

Read the full Salon article.

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