Studying MSIT in Adelaide

The contract arrived this week, which makes it official. I am going to study MS in IT at the Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Australia. The stint will be full-time for 12 months (Jan-Dec 2008). w00t!

I've been wanting to study abroad for several years and I nearly gave up this dream, until AusAID and CMU granted me a scholarship. w00t w00t! Data will be flying in to join me early next year and we both decided to just give up our home and sell everything (well, almost everything).

Among the items we will be selling:
  1. Desktop PC
  2. Flat screen LCD monitor (slightly used)
  3. GanzKlar DVD/MP4/DIVX player
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Ref
  6. Oven
  7. Bed
  8. Shelves
  9. Corolla Altis (Automatic) 2000
  10. Lots of books!
We'll be disposing the items in batches, since some of these will still be in use until Feb-March 2008.

If you're interested, just stay tuned as we announce prices and dates of selling.

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