Inject a little humor in your life: watch Mac ads

When I bought my Macbook, a friend quipped that it was the start of my life as a Mac junkie -- a life that included endless boasting about owning a Mac, surfing about things Mac, and buying gadgets and peripherals that perpetuate the Mac lifestyle.

Was he right!

Anyway, as I settled into the Mac lifestyle, I discovered the Mac ads in the Apple website. They poke fun at PC and Windows users, which naturally irks the aforesaid people and elicits a knowing chuckle and elbowing among Mac users. Watch the videos here to see why.


  1. So, were antiquated you say? I consider this a personal slur! :-)

    Funny video ads. They even had the guy using the "traditional" computer look square! sobra. Enjoy your Mac. When you get tired of it (if ever), I'll accept second hand. --Durano, done!

  2. LoL, Durano. A slur? Complain to Mr. Jobs! :)


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