Why I am not buying Macbook Air

The Macbook Air makes me and my wife drool. It's thin, lightweight and most probably going to make life easier for me, an aging writer/consultant and as the ads show, it fits right inside a Manila envelope!

But my wife and I decided to postpone getting one until they resolve some of the issues we have against it:
  1. Too expensive for the features it has. The Macbook Air (MBA) costs about $1,800 but is a lower cousin of the Macbook.
  2. It only has a maximum of 80gb hard disk space. Adding an external drive will cost an extra $1,000.
  3. It does not have an ethernet port so you'll have to rely mostly on WiFi. To be fair, both the office and our home are now using WiFi. And when we go out, we almost always never use ethernet cables any more. But sometimes, connecting two computers via ethernet is still faster than via WiFi.
  4. Its battery is not replaceable. (It appears that you can have the battery replaced for another $1,000).
  5. It appears that it does not have Firewire yet.

And there you have it.

We'll wait for release 3 or 4 before we get this one. The Macbook Air is probably ideal for those who travel a lot and do not really need a powerful computer (in terms of speed and disk space) because all they need is to do word processing. Right now, we are gunning for an iMac or a Macbook Pro. :)

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