That Controversial iPod Touch Software Upgrade

I recently got Firmware 1.1.3 for my iPod Touch. So far, the only noticeable difference was a change in the appearance of the dock and some enhancements to the icons.

I was excited to learn that 5 new apps were available for the iPod Touch, notably Mail, Maps and Notes -- previously available only to the iPhone. I really wanted to have these in my iPod Touch. I resisted having to Jailbreak the iPod to install these apps and more. And I waited exactly for the software upgrade.

Only to be disappointed later to learn that the software upgrade wasn't free. In the US it cost $20. Outside, plus taxes, it could cost more.

I made some mental calculations, knowing that the peso had gained against the dollar. The cost would not even reach P1,000 so I started to make a purchase through the iTunes Music Store (ITMS).

But that only dissappointed me more -- since I'm registered in the Philippines, I could not buy anything from ITMS. I would have to get iTunes gift cards and redeem them in order to buy the software upgrade.

As I surfed the web for workarounds, it became obvious that many people were displeased that the iPod software upgrade was not for free. And I got to thinking, they do have a point, actually. Why?

My 16gb iPod Touch cost as much as the 8gb iPhone ($299). The iPod does not have all the apps available to iPhone. You may argue that the extra gigabytes make up for it, but if you consider the other features of the iPhone -- a camera, Bluetooth, and yes, a cell phone -- you begin to see that the iPod deserves more.

So I checked out the petition (Read the TUAW article) but I did not sign because I was unhappy with the wording of the petition itself. Instead, I simply sent a complaint through Apple's website by email and through the forums.


  1. Interesting. I just discovered this blog, and guess you're the best person to ask: iPod Touch or 160gb Archos 605 WiFi? I want a portable device to use as a general organizer (I'm moving away from my smartphone), MP3 player, web browser, and digital photo storage/transfer. It's hard not to be tempted by the massive storage of the Archos, but then again, the iPod touch wins all the pretty points. Any thoughts?

  2. Thanks for visiting.

    I had that dilemma too. First thing you need to understand with the iPod Touch is that it does not have the organizer software that iPhone has. You'll need to buy the software bundle released in Jan 2008 through the iTunes music store.

    I haven't tried Archos, but so far I am very happy with the Safari browser in my iPod Touch. I don't think no other browser right now beats it. (I've used Opera in a Sony Ericsson P800 and P910i, so I know the cramped feeling of helplessness in surfing with a smart phone).

    If your computer is a Mac, then definitely get the iPod Touch or iPhone, because synching is easier, I would guess. Also try posting your question to http://philmug.ph and see more opinions :)

  3. Thanks for the response. My dilemma is compounded by the fact that I haven't made the jump to Mac yet - but I do intend to in the near future. Am currently playing with a new quad pro machine, which I'm liking a lot. Hence the added delay in switching over to the Mac side. Although every other week or so, I seriously contemplate it and put a MacBook Pro in an Apple shopping cart.

    I've read though that you're pretty much limited to iTunes with the iPod. I wasn't aware that the organizer software wasn't included with it. Maybe I should just throw savings caution to the wind and go buy that MacBook Pro and the iPod Touch AND the Archos already. :)

    Will try your suggestion and post at philmug.ph. Thanks again!

  4. ivoryhut--

    the software upgrade to get the PDA features of iPod touch only cost $20 (something like 850 php, actually). not bad, really.

    or you may try what braver souls have done. they apply something called Jailbreak, which lets them install various apps into the iPod touch. and it's all for free!

  5. While I do like free stuff, I am not as brave as those souls. In fact, I find it a little more than a coincidence that the word verification graphic that I see below almost spells "sissify." Yep. That's me.

    $20 isn't much, considering I'd be paying more than that in sales tax alone if I get the 32gb iPod touch.


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